Where Do Delays Come From? Part 3

Where Do Delays Come From? Part 3

There are a lot of moving parts when building a brewery, most of the things that you may not have considered, but it is essential for your general contractor and your subcontractors to know.

Change Orders are inevitable during the construction phase. Unfortunately when things change, they add two things that most people don’t have enough of. Those things are time and money. Engineers will be drawing up your mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans. It all looks fine on paper, but during the actual construction when you can actually see it, it might be a different story.

Have you thought about what type of toilets you will have?
Material and color of the bathroom counter tops?
Are your light switches standard or motion detecting or on dimmer?
What about the color and type of paint in every area?
Where ever single electrical outlet will be located?(You’ll want more than you think)
Material, color and design of your bar?
Model, size and dimensions of your hand washing sink and 3/4 compartment sink?
Type of light bulbs for each lighting fixture?
Do your design elements need to be covered with a clearcoat sealer?
Where are your phone lines, network jack and coaxial jacks going to be located?

As if you didn’t have enough on your mind already, anything can be done, as long as you have time and money.

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